10 Types Of Very Adorable Cats

This type of animal is very popular and used as a pet by most people. This animal has a friendly, docile and adorable nature. Here are 10 types of cats that are very adorable. 

1. Maine Coon Cat 

This cat is very popular. Maine Coon cat is large and has thick fur. This cat is brown in color but can be found in other colors. These cats have extra toes on their paws which increase the size of their paws. Their feet are adapted to help catch their food when it snows. 

2. Bengal Cat 

This cat is the third offspring of a cross between an American short hair cat and an Asian Leopard cat. Although the Bengal cat is identical to the forest cat, this cat is a much-loved animal and is used as a pet because this cat has a friendly and docile nature. The Bengal cat is one of the smartest cat types in the world. This bengal cat also has an active behavior and loves water. 

3. The American Curl 

This type of cat is one type of cat that is formed from a natural genetic mutation originating from Lakewood, California, United States. American Curl has a characteristic in the ear that is shaped like a horn and curved. In 2012 this type of cat is only kept in a few countries, namely Spain, Japan, the United States, France and Russia. This type of cat has a nature that is not too aggressive and adaptable. 

4. Siamese Cat 

Among several types of cats, Siamese cats have markings or areas of color that differ from body color on the face, ears, sustenance and tail. However there may be some Siamese cats that do not have these signs. Many Siamese cats have a tail end with a knot. Some Siamese cats have heads that are larger than their slender bodies. 

5. Russian Blue Cat 

This cat comes from Russia. Russian Blue is a cat breed with short hair, bluish-gray fur and green eyes. The Russian blue cat is one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world. The Russian blue cat has a very close relationship with its owner. This cat is shy with strangers he doesn't know. 

6. Norwegian Forest Cat 

The Norwegian Forest cat breed comes from an area called Norway. The ancestors of this cat are believed to have come from the forests of Norway and Scandinavia. This cat is unique in its fur. Their fur will be long and thick in the winter and will fall out in the spring. This cat also has other uniqueness such as having short dark fur and long light colored fur.

7. Ragdoll Cat 

This cat is the largest cat breed in the world and has been recognized by the Guinness world of records. This affectionate cat resembles a Siamese cat with long fur and blue eyes. 

8. Birman Cat 

Many people call it a beautiful legend because it has a tiny body with soft fur. No wonder many cat lovers are looking for this cat breed to be maintained and cultivated. Birman cats on average have clean white fur with a mix and match of brown color located on the nose, ears, legs and tail, it is said that the price of this Birman cat is not too expensive so it is perfect for those of you who want to have a cute and adorable cat. 

9. Himalayan Persian Cat 

This cat is one of the cats that is also in great demand as a pet cat. The Himalayan Persian cat has a snub nose and thick fur and beautiful blue eyes. Many believe that the blue eyes of Persian cats are obtained from mating with Siamese cats. 

10. Sphynx Cat 

This Sphynx cat is different from other cats. The Sphynx cat has no fur at all. The condition of the sphynx cat without hair is its own uniqueness from other cats. Although this cat is hairless and looks ridiculous, it turns out that many people also keep sphynx cats. This cat is an active and friendly cat breed. 

Those are 10 types of cats that are very adorable to keep. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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