5 Types Of Wild Cats Are Rare And Very Unique

Many types of cats are rare and also look more unique than domestic cats. Its uniqueness can be seen from the body shape and habits of some of these cats. The following are 5 types of wild cats that are rare and very unique. 

1. Lynx 

This type of cat is a wild cat that is quite large. The adult weight of this cat can reach up to 30 kg and the length can reach up to 110 cm. This cat has a short tail and thick fur. At first glance it may look more like a wolf. 

There are 4 types of lynx cats scattered throughout the world, namely the Canadian lynx, Eurasian lynx, Iberian lynx, and also the lynx rufus or often also called the bobcat. The lynx cat is also a fierce predator. This cat preys on rabbits, foxes, or other animals that are smaller. In addition, this type of cat is also one of the rarest cats in the world and is highly protected. The habitat of this cat is only in national parks and is preserved there so that it does not become extinct. 

2. Bakau cat 

Most types of cats in this world, must be afraid of water. However, this cat is different. Bakau cats even really like to dive into the water. Therefore, this cat has even been dubbed the fishing cat because of this cat's habit of catching fish in the water. The bakau cat population is found in South Asia and a small portion is in Southeast Asia. The size of this cat is also quite large, its body length can reach 78 cm and its weight can reach up to 16 kg.

The motif on this cat's fur is also similar to a leopard, which has a black spot motif. However, this type of cat is starting to be threatened with extinction because the wetland area that is the cat's habitat is destroyed by humans so that the cat population is decreasing. 

3. Pallas cat 

The Pallas cat is a type of cat originating from Central Asia. This wild cat lives in the highlands, precisely in rocky areas or in caves. Pallas cat has very thick fur. The body of this cat looks even fatter because of its very thick fur. 

The Pallas cat is a solitary animal and is very difficult to find, even researchers have difficulty researching this type of cat. Therefore this cat is even dubbed as a ghost cat. The eyes of this cat also look very unique. Cats generally have vertical pupils, while the Pallas cat's pupils are round like the pupils of a lion and a tiger.

4. Karakal cat 

The Karakal cat is a medium-sized cat that is widely distributed in Asia and Europe. This cat's name is taken from the Turkish language "karakulak" which means black ears. These black ears are the hallmark of this cat. In addition, caracal cats are also very good at jumping. Caracal cats can jump up to a height of 3 meters. This cat is also a rare cat. In addition, this cat also has a very unique voice. Usually the sound of the cat meowing, but the carakal cat actually has a sound like brooding. 

5. Rusty spotted cat 

This type of cat is the smallest cat in the world. The size of this cat is only about 20 cm and weighs only 1.6 kg. The largest size of this cat only reaches about 48 cm. In addition, this cat is also a very rare type of cat because it is often hunted by humans who think that this cat is the child of a leopard. 

This wild cat is indeed similar to the child of a leopard with its fur patterned with black spots. This cat's habitat can only be found in India and also in Sri Lanka. They live in rocky areas, and also in mountainous areas. Despite their small size, these cats are very smart when it comes to hunting. This cat will usually hunt at night. They often prey on birds, mice or other small animals. 

Those are 5 types of wild cats that are rare and very unique.

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