5 Interesting Facts About British Short Hair Cat

British short hair cat has a grayish blue color. This cat comes from the Britain, England. This cat is still a lineage with the Persian cat. The British short hair cat is a very popular cat breed in the world. 

Here are 5 interesting facts about British short hair cats that maybe not many people know. 

1. The oldest cat breed 

Did you know that the British short hair cat breed is very old. This cat race was discovered in the first century or about 2000 years ago. This makes them classified as one of the oldest cat breeds. It is said that they were the result of crossing a local British cat with an Egyptian cat brought by the invading Roman troops at the time. 

2. Almost extinct 

In the 1890s the population of the British short hair cat was greatly reduced and its existence was even threatened with extinction. This is due to the loss of popularity of this short hair british cat with imported cats such as Persian and Angora cats which has resulted in reduced breeding of these cats. In addition, another factor is the tragedy of the first world war and the second conflict also played a role in reducing the effort to breed this type of cat. 

3. Has color variants 

The most famous color variant of this short hair british cat is grayish blue. Even so, this cat actually has other color variations that are less well known such as black, white, cream, golden and even colorpoint variants such as the Himalayan and Siamese cats. Actually, the main characteristic of British short hair is not from the blue-gray color but from the fur and distinctive body shape. 

4. Types of long-lived cat 

The British short hair cat is a type of cat that has relatively minimal health issues and is well-known as one of the most youthful types of cats. Even so these cats have a high risk of genetic diseases. But with good care this cat can reach the age of more than 20 years. 

5. Vulnerable to obesity 

The innate nature of this cat which tends to be less active and lazy to move makes this cat prone to obesity or excess weight. Although it looks funny but this is not a good thing. Cats that are too heavy usually cause various health issues such as diabetes and other diseases. How to prevent this is to control the level of food and make this cat a little more active by taking to play in the park or open space. 

Those are 5 interesting facts about British short hair cats that maybe not many people know.

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