5 interesting facts about the Golden Cat

The Golden Cat is a mysterious cat breed and is very difficult to find nowadays. Not many people known about the behavior and ecology of this type of cat, including their populations within the Asian region. The pattern of life of this golden cat is not known for certain. The golden cat, which is often called Kucing Emas or Fire Cat, is one of the animals being campaigned to prevent its extinction. 

The golden cat is one of seven types of cats that live in the Kerinci Seblat National Park area. The main characteristic of this golden cat is that almost all of its body is golden brown, which is true to its name, but some are gray and dark brown. 

Here are 5 interesting facts about the Golden Cat:

This animal is very rare 

In 2008, the IUCN classified the Asian golden cat as critically endangered and the IUCN stated that this species is close to qualifying as vulnerable due to hunting pressures and loss of habitat in the wild. 

Solitary animals or live independently 

The golden cat is an animal that prefers to live alone or solitary but when it has found a partner this cat will be loyal to its partner and will hunt together. 

More active at night 

This golden cat is an animal that is more active at night but sometimes this cat can also be seen during the day. Their prey includes rats, reptiles, birds, young deer, goats and buffalo calves. 

Good at climbing 

This golden cat turned out to be good at climbing. Although this cat is good at climbing, this cat tends to prefer hunting on the ground.

Lucky animal 

This mysterious golden cat is classified as a rare animal that is sacred by local residents. There are many myths that develop among local people about this golden cat as a Sorcerer's animal. Part of his body that can be used as a talisman to become an antidote to witchcraft. The myth about this golden cat actually makes this jungle cat even more rare. 

That's 5 interesting facts about the Asian golden cat.

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