5 Interesting Facts About The Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon is a type of pet cat that has the largest body size compared to other cats. This cat breed comes from Maine, United States. There are various myths and legends related to the origin of this cat breed. Many people believe that it was produced from a cross between a half-wild cat and a raccoon. This myth arises because the shape and color of the Maine Coon cat's tail resembles a raccoon's tail. But there are other facts that need to be known besides the myth of the origin of this cat. 

The following are 5 interesting facts about the Maine Coon cat which is very popular in various countries. 

1. Has a giant body size 

This cat is the only pet cat with the largest body size when compared to other cats. Generally, an adult Maine Coon cat can reach a height of up to 40 cm and a length of up to 1.2 m. Maine Coon males have a larger weight of about 6 - 9 kg. While females usually have a smaller weight of about 4 - 6 kg. 

2. Has polydactyly nature

Maine Coon cats are known to have an inherited disorder of polydactyly, which means they have more toes than other cats. Maine Coons are born with six toes. For some people this is considered unusual and strange. But most others think polydactyly can actually make a Maine Coon cat look unique and even more adorable. 

3. Not afraid of water 

In general, cats do not like water and are even afraid of water. But that's not the case for Maine Coons. This type of cat is very fond of water and even good at swimming. This is due to the fur coat owned by the this cat. The thick fur is also waterproof. It made this cat will not be disturbed when playing in the water. 

4. Likes to seek attention 

Maine Coon cats love to seek attention to tell them that they are more important than the TV show you watch or the book you read. Maine Coons will sit in front of the TV or lie on top of the book you are reading to attract attention. 

5. Doesn't like heights 

Usually cats really like to climb trees and even the roof of the house. This happens because cats like to jump here and there but Maine Coon cats do not have this trait. They apparently do not like heights even though there is no scientific proof of study. Most of the Maine Coon cat owners confirm this. 

Those are 5 facts about the Maine Coon cat breed, which is known as a cat race that has a large body size.

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