5 Reasons Why Cats Like To Follow Their Owners Everywhere.

Pet cats at home must often follow us. There are various reasons that make the cat follow us at home. When we are in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or even when we are closing the door. Strong bonds are indeed one of the reasons why cats really want to be around us. 

Here are some reasons why cats keep following us all the time. There are 5 reasons why cats like to follow their owners when they are at home. 

1. Looking for safety 

If you have a pet cat since they were small, then you will get experience the habit of cats following their owners all the time. This is because cats already trust and feel safe when they are near their owners. This is similar case when kittens who always follow their mother wherever they go. They will feel safe if they are close to their mother. This sense of secure is also felt by the pet cat that you have cared for since childhood. They feel safe because you take care of them and feed them every day. 

2. Cats are bored 

Pet cats that always follow their owners can indicate that they are feeling bored. It is not the same case with wild cats who can do all activities in nature. Domestic cats tend to be passive and only sleep when they are at home. That's why domestic cats will easily get bored with their activities, especially if you often leave them at home. They will feel confused and just keep quiet. If the owner has returned home, the cat will immediately approach him and follow him wherever the owner goes, this indicates that the cat actually wants to spend time with their owner. 

3. Cats want to play 

Playing is an activity that cats really love. Especially if the game is chasing and catching something. That's why if the owner is busy they always come to him then they will also follow the owner until gets time to play with him. 

4. Cats love you 

A pet cat is different from wild cat because a pet cat will more easily understand the affection he gets from his owner. That's why cats are known as animals that can detect human feelings. One form of affection that cats give to their owners is to follow them wherever their owners go. That way the cat will continue to be close and always stick to anywhere. 

5. The cat is hungry 

Hunger is one of the reasons why cats voiced meow when they are close to their owners and follow you wherever you go. After you feed them then they will be quiet and not follow you anymore. Cats sound are a sign that they are seeking your attention. And eating is the form of attention they want most. 

Here are 5 reasons why cats like to follow their owners everywhere.

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