5 Scents That Cat Doesn't Like

Cat is scent sensitive animals. Cat is uncomfortable with strong smells. A cat's sense of smell is sharper than a human's. Scents that we feel normal can be very pungent for cats. Although the smell that we think is fragrant but it is not liked by cats. You need to know what smells cats don't like. 

Here are 5 scents that cats doesn't like. If you have a pet cat, keep them away from objects that have the following smells. 

1. Citrus Fruit 

Oranges have a refreshing scent that many people like, but cats doesn't like the smell of citrus fruits. The smell of citrus can pierce the nose because the sense of smell is very sensitive so cats doesn't like it. Cat lovers can avoid eating citrus fruits when approached by your beloved cat. 

2. Banana

Banana have a distinctive smell that cats really hate. The potassium in bananas doesn't liked by cats.

3. Perfume

Cats doesn't like the smell of perfume. When we use perfume, cats can stay away from us. But when we use perfume in small amounts, the cat may not feel it. But when we use perfume in excess, cats can smell it and make cats stay away from us. Perfume also contains chemicals that can be harmful to our beloved cats. Therefore, stay away from the smell of perfume from cats. 

4. Air freshener 

In addition to body fragrances, cats also doesn't like the smell of air fresheners. Especially if the air freshener that we use is citrus-scented and has a pungent smell. 

5. Menthol 

Usually we will use eucalyptus oil, balm or other liniment when we are sick. Such liniment contains menthol which can give a cool and refreshing sensation just like oranges. Menthol also has a strong smell for cats to smell. 

Those are 5 scents that cat doesn't like. Therefore, keep these 5 scents away from your pet cat.

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