5 Most Deadly Hunting Cat Races

Cute face and smooth fur are often the reason someone keeps a cat. But who would have thought that there was a type of cat that has a cute and cute face but is dangerous.

Here are 5 of the deadliest hunting cat breeds.

1. Gyra cat

Gyra cats are also animals that are quite dangerous for humans. Called dangerous and deadly because this one cat is a solitary animal and is active at night. During the day this cat will rest in a hidden place and hunt after sunset.

The energy requirement of this four-legged cat is around 250 grams of prey, so hunting is a must at night. Gyra cats can walk as long as 20 miles in the dark at night hunting for prey. Gyra will walk slowly following prey such as rats to birds.

Every now and then the Gyra cat will hide while continuing to observe the movement of its prey then at the right time Gyra will move very quickly and immediately catch prey so quickly. The hunt is 60% always successful so it is called the deadliest cat in the world.

2. Caracal Cat

The distinctive characteristics of the caracal are black ears, tassels and slightly tapered in shape according to the origin of its name from the Turkish "Karakulak" which means black ear. These ears are very useful for finding prey because they are controlled by 29 different muscles.

Caracals are also active hunters. They will stalk prey within a radius of five meters and then run fast jumping and pounce. Their main prey is small to large birds.

Actually, the caracal cat is not dangerous to humans but in its wild habitat because if it is not killed by residents because it is considered a pest for livestock.

3. Pallas cat

The Pallas cat does look cute with its round head and ears. This cat from Central Asia also has very thick fur. This cat has a size that is almost the same as a pet cat in general. Its very thick fur makes this cat look adorable.

But unfortunately these animals are classified as dangerous animals because they are not social animals. They are more often alone in their habitat. In addition, this type of cat is also a rare animal so that no one dares to disturb it in the wild.

4. Savannah Cat

This savannah cat is often an exotic pet because this type of cat has a graceful and beautiful appearance. But this cat is included as a dangerous cat in the world, those who want to keep it must have an official certificate. They are often referred to as cheetahs because of their similar body features and speed.

This savannah cat will not attack humans for no reason. This cat also used to play with its owner. But don't be surprised if they become aggressive when they feel threatened and disturbed.

5. Chausie cat

This cat breed comes from Egypt and is produced from a cross between a forest cat and an abyssinian. Even after being tamed, the chausie cat still has a strong wild instinct. His fearless nature often makes him look fierce and aggressive. Even so Chausie is a loyal cat and likes to play with.

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