6 Types of Persian Cats

Persians are one of the most popular breeds of cat. They have a distinctive appearance that is easily recognizable. Its thick fur and stocky body is one of its characteristics.

Persian cat is divided into several types. Persian forms are divided based on the shape of the face, body, and patterns on the fur. The following are the types of Persian cats.

1. Persian doll-face

This type of Persian has a sharp face. Doll-face is the most original Persian cat breed. They are the earliest generation of Persians. This breed and the Turkish angora are very similar.

2. Persian peke-face

This Persian cat has a snub face. Persian peke-face is very common we encounter. They are the result of spontaneous genetic mutations. They sometimes have issues with eye hygiene and breathing because of the shape of their faces.

3. Chinchilla

The chinchilla is a Persian clarification of its coat color. They have a distinctive coat color that is silver. Chinchilla can be face doll or peke. But the face of the peke variant is not too snug.

4. Teacup

The Persian teacup is characterized by its size. Their body is smaller than other Persians. This is caused by crossing the Persian with a small cat. This type of teacup is very susceptible to various health issues.

5. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic is a variant of short fur from persia. Exotic shorthair is a combination of Persian with American Shorthair. Actually they have separated from the Persians, but the Persian element is still very dominant.

6. Himalayan

Himalayan is Persian with colorpoint pattern. They are a cross between Persian and Siamese. Its distinctive feature is in the pattern of its fur which has a prominent color at the end.

Those are 6 types of Persian cats that have characteristics and are easily recognizable.

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