6 Wild Cats From Africa

With a very wide area, Africa is a habitat for various types of animals including cats. Several species of cats that live on the African continent have a very exotic shape with varying body sizes. But uniquely all the cats that come from there are better known as forest cats or wild cats because they live in dry forest areas such as savannas, grasslands and deserts with very extreme air temperatures. Cats that live there are known to have a strong immune system and reliable hunting abilities, even forest cats with a very small size are able to hunt animals larger than their bodies.

The following are various cat breeds originating from the African continent.

1. Serval

The Serval is a cat species with a charming appearance that lives in the southern African continent. This cat has eight kinds of subspecies where a small part of the population can be found in the territory of the country of Morocco. Serval is a forest cat with a medium body size with an average height of about 60 cm. From a physical point of view, the serval has a pattern of black spots all over its body and a small head but large ears. Servals have long, muscular legs that are useful for running fast and hunting prey. They are very well known as fast and tough hunters in their habitat because they have an extraordinary sense of smell and hearing.

2. Savannah

Savannah is a wild cat that comes from the African continent. This cat is the result of a cross between an African domestic cat and a serval cat. Because it has the genetics of a serval cat, the nature and physical characteristics of this cat are similar to its mother, such as long ears, a slender body and a weight of up to 13 kg.

Savannah cats are known to be energetic and athletic. This cat is very active and likes to interact with humans and other pets such as dogs. Savannah is a species of wild cat that you can keep as a pet. Currently, there are many people who maintain this cat breed because it is very exotic. To have a savannah cat you have to spend up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

3. Carakal

Carakal is a wild cat that lives in Africa and the Middle East. They are often found in dry forest and savannah areas on the African continent. Karakal itself has brownish yellow fur with a characteristic tapered ear wrapped in black. Karakal cat body size is quite large. They can weigh up to 18 kg. This is certainly a very large size for a cat when compared to the pet cat in your house. In their habitat, caracals are known as explorers because these cats are often seen exploring desert savannas and forests. They are also known as one of the strongest cats on the African continent. Caracals are often seen climbing trees to hunt for prey or simply resting on trees.

4. Sand cat

The sand cat is a wild cat that lives in North Africa. The name sand cat is given because this cat lives in a hot and arid desert area. This cat species is known to have a strong immune system. They are able to survive in very extreme temperatures. The sand cat is a type of cat with a small body size with short legs and large ears. The sand cat is one of the cats with the strongest bite when compared to other cats in the world. They are fierce predators of other animals in the desert. Currently the sand cat is included in the list of endangered animals due to poaching and animal trade by irresponsible groups of people.

5. Black-footed cat 

Black-footed cat is the smallest wild cat species in the world. The average weight of this cat is only 2 kg. Although small they are known as cats with the most reliable hunting abilities of other cat species. The black-footed cat is an endemic animal that inhabits the western African continent. Currently they are included in the list of endangered animals Well because the population in the wild is less than 10,000 individuals.

6. African golden cat

The existence of the African golden cat in the wild is very rare and even very difficult to find this cat in its natural habitat. According to the African Geographic page, the population of this golden cat is widespread in Central Africa and inhabits rainforest areas. The name golden cat is given because this cat has gold fur, but there are several species that have black fur. The African golden cat has a stout body like a big cat and can weigh up to 12 kg with a length of up to 1.2 meters. The very small population makes it quite difficult for researchers to get information about this one cat. In addition, the nature of the African Mas cat is quite shy and likes to hide.

Those are some cat species that come from the African continent, some of the wild cats on this list you can keep for example like Karakal and Savannah, but some other cats are now threatened with extinction due to poaching and habitat destruction.

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