7 Facts about Turkish Angora

Angora is one of the most popular cat breeds as pets. The origin of the word is Ankara, the capital of Turkey. This cat breed did come from this region. But then it was bred in other provinces as well.

Here are 7 facts about Turkish angora:

1. Turkey's national treasure

Angora takes its name from its place of origin. They are from the Ankara region of Turkey. Since long ago, the Angora cat has been preserved there. Until finally became one of the national treasures of Turkey.

2. Circus cat

Angora has an elegant appearance. Therefore, he is often chosen for performances. They were used to doing strange tricks.

3. Smart and interactive

Angora cat is a type of cat that is classified as intelligent. These cats can be trained for circus performances. Sometimes they are also curious.

4. Have a variety of other colors

The natural color of the Angora cat is white. But the Angora cat also has other color variants. This is caused by a mixture of other types.

5. Having close relatives

They have a brother named Turkish Van. They are both from Turkey. Allegedly they have a common ancestor. But they have a number of differences, namely in the style, shape, and size of the body.

6. The blue-eyed white variant is prone to deafness

Angora can have blue or striped eyes. White Angora with blue eyes is prone to deafness. It is caused by a combination of genetics. Even though they are deaf, they can still be happy.

7. Active throughout life

The Angora cat is a fun cat breed. Because they are very energetic. So they continue to be active into adulthood.

Thus 7 facts about the Angora cat from Turkey.

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