Black Cat Facts and Myths

Many people think that black cats are bad luck. Although I do not understand the reason why black cats are considered unlucky. Here are various facts and myths about black cats.

1. The scary story of a black cat

In Celtic mythology, there is a creature that has an appearance that resembles a large black cat and has a white pattern in the middle of its body. This mythological creature is named the catsith. Legend has it, this catsith has the ability to steal the soul or spirit of someone who died before he moved to the afterlife. Then this creature will save the soul of the person who was stolen. Therefore, in the past when someone died, their bodies were guarded until their bodies were buried. The goal is so that their souls are not stolen by these catsith.

There is also another version of this story that the catsith is actually a witch in disguise. But the witch can only change into the form of a black cat for eight times. The ninth time would make him turn into a cat forever. Many think maybe this is one of history, why cats are said to have nine lives.

In the Medieval era in Europe around the 5th century to the 15th century, cats had a bad predicate, especially black cats. They are believed to have a very strong connection with witches. Many believe the black cat is a witch in disguise using magic to become a cat. It could also be that the black cat is a helper and assistant to the witch in carrying out her rituals. Some people who keep or are with these cats will be considered a witch class as well and will be punished. Seeing the nature of cats that are active at night, they are thought to be carrying out special rituals or magic. Belief in this led to people who were mistaken for witches and executed at that time. Fortunately that period ended in the 18th century. That is the belief at the time about black cats carried over to this day. There is also an assumption that if a black cat crosses in front of someone, that person will have bad luck or bad luck.

2. Bring good luck

Actually black cats have not had such a bad reputation in history. It's just that people tend to remember and recognize bad things more easily than good. Therefore, cats have a good history in some countries and even become a symbol of good luck. Cats in ancient Egypt were revered and even worshiped. At that time the cat was a very sacred animal even when the cat died it would be buried among the worshiped cats.

In ancient seafaring times, black cats were considered to bring good luck. Black cats are believed to give them safety when sailing from bad weather. Sometimes the wives of the sailors took care of the black cat at home. They believe black cats have the power to protect their husbands so that their boat trips can be safe. Not only in terms of history, currently black cats are believed to bring good luck in several countries. In England, black cats are believed to bring good luck if they approach the person. In Scotland, if a foreign black cat comes to the house, it is believed that it will bring prosperity to the owner of the house. In Japan there is a cat figurine named Manekineko which is a good luck charm. These figurines can be colorful and each has a different belief. The black manekineko is used for security and to ward off bad smells.

3. Adopt a black cat

The issue of black locks bringing bad luck is actually just past beliefs and myths that have carried over until now. Not the whole world considers black cats to be unlucky. There are still many countries that consider the black cat to bring good luck. The black cat is the least adopted cat breed due to trust factors.

4. Variety of black cat

The black color in cats is the color found in various types of cats. This black color can be found in several popular types of cats such as British shorthair, Sphynx, Maine Coon, Persian cat and of course domestic cat. There is also a type of cat that is indeed black in color like a cat from Thailand, namely the Bombay cat and the black jungle cat from the melanistic genus Panthera. The black forest cat is generally better known as the Blackpanther.

All the bad myths about black cats are just beliefs that can't be proven objectively.


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