Interesting Siberian Cat Facts

One of the most popular cats among cat lovers is the Siberian cat breed. This cat breed is known to have a pleasant personality to make as a pet.

As the name implies, the Siberian cat comes from the Siberian region of Russia. In Russia, this cat is better known as the Siberian forest cat. According to history, this cat has been around for centuries as a domestic cat. Therefore they are also one of the oldest cat breeds that exist today.

Siberian cats have a short body shape and pointed ears they also have eyes that are small when compared to the size of their heads. These little eyes give a cute impression when this cat looks at you. The tail has a large shape that is covered with long feathers that can expand. The Siberian cat's legs are also very unique because their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs which make the Siberian cat have extraordinary agility.

The Siberian cat is known to be agile, smart, and affectionate with its owner. They really like to invite their owners to play and sleep together. In fact, they also like to hang out with small children and other animals such as dogs. But this cat does not like and strangers who want to hold it. They are known to be very suspicious of strangers.

If you really like cats and have an allergy problem in their fur, then you don't need to worry or be afraid to keep this Siberian cat breed. Siberian cats will not make you feel allergy symptoms because they are hypoallergenic cats. According to research as many as 75% of cat allergy sufferers stated that they were not allergic to Siberian cat fur, especially to female Siberian cats.

That's a unique fact about the Siberian cat breed.

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