Rusty Spotted Cat - The World's Smallest Cute Cat.

Nature saves a lot of amazing things in it ranging from beautiful, funny or even wild animals. Lots of cute animals that live in the wild. One of them is a cat.

Here is one cat that lives in the wild. A stray cat that lives in a forest in Sri Lanka. This little cat looks very adorable because of its small size. The size of this cat ranges from 35 to 48 CM. This tiny wild cat is the Rusty Spotted Cat.

This cat is indeed the smallest member of the cat species found in the forests of Sri Lanka and in most parts of India. Just like other cats, the rusty spotted cat is a nocturnal animal that is active at night. In their habitat they like to prey on small animals such as birds and mice. Sometimes these cats also look for other prey such as lizards, frogs and insects. In the wild, the rusty spotted cat usually likes to hide in trees or caves to avoid larger predators. They are good at hiding to survive because of their small and petite size.

This cat is often referred to as a Mini version of the leopard due to its small size and spots on its body. Its small size and so easy to curl in the hand.

Currently spotted cat is included in the list of endangered animals. The number of these cats in the wild is decreasing due to the loss of their natural habitat caused by human activities. Many say that this cat is often hunted and killed because it is often mistaken for a Leopard child.

In 2002, the IUCN International Organization for Conservation of Nature has classified this cat as an endangered animal. Therefore, let's protect their habitat so that this cute cat does not become extinct. Hopefully this tiny wild cat species will continue to exist in nature.

That's one of the World's smallest cats living in the wild, the Rusty Spotted Cat.

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